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Heat Miser's LJ Review!

Insane in the Brohain!

Heat Miser's LJ Review - Insane in the Brohain!
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Post here and I'll tell you if your LJ sucks ass or is fuckin' A yo and I don't care about fucking punctuation and spelling and shit unless it's done because you're an ignorant fuck as opposed to for dramatic effect and I don't have any real criteria I'm just gonna read the motherfucker and tell you if I'm diggin it or not diggin it and I'll make sure to tell you why you little motherfucker cause you like that YOU LIKE IT WHEN I TALK ABOUT HOW NAUGHTY YOUR LJ IS DON'T YOU MOTHERFUCKER yeah I knew it you fucking slut but a'ight there are few rules you gotta follow so I'm breakin' with tradition yo and actually bustin' this fucker up with some enter keys:

1) If your journal is up to snuff, I will proclaim you an official BROHAIN and you can then review other people's shit with a letter grade and shit and you get to be a brohain if your journal is given an A and maybe even if it's given a B but that's up to me and you don't like that you can FUCK RIGHT OFF cause it's my fucking review thread shithead

2) The grades are as follows yo: (A) - as in FUCKIN A MOTHERFUCKER cause this LJ is fucking awesome and cool and shit then there's (B) which means pretty good yo but you got some work to do cause it's cool and all but not BLOW MY FUCKING MIND cool y'know and then there is (C) which is for average shit that ain't that interesting but at least maybe your tryin yo and then there's (D) which means your journal is shitty and you suck ass but there might be at least one or two redeeming qualities which save you from getting an (F) which means FAILED MOTHERFUCKER cause your journal is fucking awful or boring or uncool or whatever and you should be taken out back and shot for making me even read that motherfucker

3) Anyone can comment on any LJ cause I don't really give a fuck what y'all do but only my opinion and the opinion of my brohains really matter so they are the only ones who can give a letter grade so don't even fucking try it son cause you'll get BURNED MOTHERFUCKER

So that's about it yo so just post in the main thread and I'll review your shit yo.