heat_miser_i9mm (heat_miser_i9mm) wrote in miserljreview,


A'ight so I made this community cause I was taking a look at some other LJ review types any HOLY FUCKING CHRIST but they were a bunch of anal assholes yo with all their rules regarding spelling and punctuation and not having quizzes or not having certain colour schemes and not discussing certain topics and I thought "fuck yo what a load of bullshit cause they're totally missing the fucking point which is to tell the motherfuckers if their LJ is cool or not and that shit ain't got nothing to do with it yo" so I decided I'd do reviews and look at what really counts yo and that's whether I FUCKING LIKE IT YO cause at the end of the day that's all I can really comment on so I want all you motherfuckers to post here and if you ask me to review your shit it'll get done and I warn you it might not be pretty cause if your LJ is a load of shit I'm gonna tell you how and why and then make fun of you for it but if it's the fucking BOMB yo I'll tell you with just as much fervor and make you a brohain and then you can add your two cents so if you haven't already done so CHECK OUT THE MOTHERFUCKING INFO PAGE DUMBASS cause that's where all the rules and shit are not that I have a lot of rules cause really I don't give a fuck what y'all do so a'ight then which of you motherfuckers has the balls to be the first shithead to step up to the motherfuckin' plate yo?
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